The importance of typography in web design

Typography is often overlooked in web design, but it plays an important role in the user experience and the effective communication of a message. The choice of typeface, font size and spacing can have a significant impact on the legibility, accessibility and aesthetics of a website. Here are more details on its importance.

Hierarchising content and guiding the eye

Well-designed typography helps to prioritise content and guide the reader's eye through the different sections of a website. By using different font sizes for headings, sub-headings and body text, you can create a clear visual structure and make it easier to read. 

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Similarly, the right choice of font can help to highlight certain important elements, such as calls to action or key information. Access the full article here.

Contributing to brand identity

Typography also plays an important role in establishing a website's brand identity. The choice of fonts must be consistent with the company's brand image and values. 

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For example, a company that wants to project a modern, professional image will probably use sans-serif typefaces, while a company that wants to promote a sense of tradition and trust may use serif typefaces.

Improving accessibility

Typography is also an important factor in the accessibility of a website. It is important to choose legible fonts and to ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the text and the background. It is also important to consider people who use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, and to ensure that the website is compatible with these technologies.

Personality and brand identity

Beyond its practical functions, typography is a powerful vehicle for expressing a brand's personality and identity. Typographic choices convey the very essence of a company, transmitting specific emotions and values to users. Carefully selected typography reinforces the brand's consistency and helps it to be remembered by its target audience.


Typography is an essential element of web design that should not be overlooked. By choosing appropriate fonts and using them judiciously, web designers can create websites that are more legible, more accessible and more attractive.