Mercredi Addams: a dark and timeless icon

The eldest daughter of the Addams Family, Mercredi is known for her dark humour, macabre intelligence and gothic chic style of dress. Now an icon of popular culture, she inspires fans of all ages, especially cosplay and Halloween enthusiasts.

Wednesday Addams costume essentials

The essential elements of the Wednesday Addams costume come in various forms, available at

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The black dress

The centrepiece of the costume, Wednesday's dress is usually black, with long sleeves and often cut to mid-calf. The contrasting white collar is a must. Opt for a velvet or thick cotton dress for a more authentic look.

Striped tights

Black and white striped tights are the perfect complement to Mercredi's sober dress. Choose vertical stripes to elongate the silhouette.

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Mercredi's signature hairstyle, plaits are often separated by a centre parting. Accessorise with black or white ribbons for a more macabre effect.

Dark make-up

Wednesday's make-up is simple but striking. Apply a pale foundation, then accentuate the eyes with black kohl and volumising mascara. A burgundy or black lipstick will complete the look.

Costume variations

For one hell of a cosplay, adopt the attitude of Wednesday Addams by also opting for variations of the costume.

School version

For a more understated look, opt for a black shirt with a white collar and a pleated black skirt. Complete the look with striped tights, braids and light make-up.

Morticia Addams version

Take inspiration from Wednesday's mother, Morticia, by wearing a long, flowing, dramatic black dress. Add gothic jewellery and more sophisticated make-up.

Tips for playing Wednesday Addams

Beyond the costume itself, it's Wednesday's unique attitude that makes her so charming. Here are a few tips to help you get to grips with this cult anti-heroine.

Adopt a stoic and sarcastic attitude

Mercredi has a knack for displaying unfailing phlegm in all circumstances. Don't be afraid to keep an impassive air and throw out cynical answers at the slightest opportunity. Be sober in your expressions and gestures to reinforce the blasé effect so characteristic of them.

Speak in a deep, monotone voice 

One of Mercredi's trademarks is his monotone drawl. To imitate him perfectly, force your voice down slightly and articulate each word ponderously without raising your voice. A little smirk on your face will make the whole thing even more believable.

Love strange animals and macabre activities

 Spiders, scorpions, frogs... Mercredi has a cult following of creepy-crawlies that belie ordinary mortals. As her character, don't be afraid to handle these little creatures with undisguised pleasure. The morbid girl is also passionate about everything to do with the occult and the mystery of death. Take a black umbrella with a skull and crossbones with you and offer some wild ouija board sessions!

Be naturally suspicious and solitary 

Although Mercredi is paradoxically good-natured, she remains a solitary person who distrusts others by nature. Keep your distance, throw disillusioned glances around, and never open up about your feelings. Only raw honesty and caustic frankness should dictate your dealings with others.

In short, whether it's your body language, your sentences or your morbid interests, leave no stone unturned to blend 100% into the skin of Mercredi Addams. True fans will definitely be fooled!

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